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Sustainable Products provide environmental, social, and economic benefits while protecting public health.


  • Clients may receive government incentives to install product/use product.
  • Clients may be required by a government regulatory agency to use the product (reflective roofs).
  • Clients may receive "good" public relations by utilizing the product.

Coating Solutions:

Urban Heat Island Effect occurs within cities with non-reflective roofs in close proximity to dark paved hard-scaped surfaces.  These surfaces absorb and hold heat from the sun.  City environments can be 8 to 12 degrees warmer than surrounding rural areas.  Roofing materials that have high solar reflectance and high thermal emittance are referred to as "cool" roofing technology.  Coating solutions are "cool".  Special features of Roof Coatings are the following:

  • Lower roof surface temperatures may reduce the total cooling load on the building resulting in less peak electrical demand.
  • Lowering roof surface temperatures will enhance the durability of a roof and substantially improve the life of the roof.

Daylighting Solutions:

Daylighting can replace electric lighting 70 to 80% of the day while producing much less heat than electric lighting.  By cutting demand for energy production, daylighting reduces greenhouse gases and pollution of water and air - the by-products of generating electricity.


     Sustainable Products:

  • Coating Solutions

  • Daylighting Solutions

  • Energy Savings Analysis

  • Vegetative Roof Maintenance